University of Hawaii Neuroscience and MRI Research Program

Research Team

Senior Investigators

Linda Chang, M.D.

Dr. Chang is a Professor of Medicine at the JABSOM, UH and Co-Director of the UH-QMC MR Research Center. She has extensive experience in Clinical Neuroscience Research, particularly in relation to the application of advanced neuroimaging techniques to study brain changes associated with HIV, substance abuse, brain development and aging. She also enjoys mentoring junior faculty and students in clinical research.

Email:lchang -AT- hawaii -DOT- edu
Thomas Ernst, Ph.D.

Dr. Ernst is a Professor at the JABSOM in the Dept. of Medicine, UH and an MR Physicist with extensive experience in the application of advanced MR techniques to clinical research in various brain disorders, especially in the areas of HIV and substance abuse.

Email:tmernst -AT- hawaii -DOT- edu
Andy Stenger, Ph.D.

Dr. Stenger is a Professor in the Dept. Medicine, UH JABSOM, and has extensive experience in MR pulse sequences, data acquisition, and image reconstruction schemes for fMRI and is an expert in MR physics.

Email: stenger -AT- hawaii -DOT- edu

Other Investigators

Daniel Alicata, M.D., Ph.D.

Dr. Alicata is an Associate Professor in the Dept. of Psychiatry. He currently works on several pediatric projects with Dr. Linda Chang.

Email:dalicata -AT- pol -DOT- net
Marilou Andres, Ph.D.

Dr. Andres is an Assistant Research Professor in the Pacific Bioscience Research Center. She is a specialist in channel physiology and genetic studies. She is also working with Dr. Chang to evaluate the contribution of polymorphism of genotypes on brain injury associated with HIV and drug abuse.

Email: marilou -AT- pbrc -DOT- hawaii -DOT- edu
Weiran Deng, Ph.D.

Dr. Deng is a Physicist and an Assistant Research Professor  in the Department of Medicine. Dr. Deng is working with Dr. Andy Stenger to develop hardware and software for high field MR systems and their applications to clinical research in drug abuse and other brain disorders.

Email: weiran -AT- hawaii -DOT- edu
Jun Panee, Ph.D.

Dr. Panee is an Assistant Research Professor in the Department of Cell Molecular Biology. Her research focuses on evaluating oxidative stress in brain disorders and in breast cancer, and to develop treatment approaches for these disorders.


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