The Lyon Arboretum is a research and educational unit of the University of Hawaii at Manoa. It also serves as a public botanical garden and recreation area. The Arboretum is one of the most beautiful settings on the island of O'ahu with lush rainforest trees and surrounding mountains. Various parts of the grounds and facilities have been used by University and non-University groups for meetings, parties, receptions, concerts, wakes, classes, and other kinds of events.

There are some limitations that should be considered:

    Facilities: The Arboretum does not have formal meeting facilities and the space that does exist is often in use for University classes and community meetings. A limited amount of space can be reserved if enough notice is given. No restaurant, catering facilities, janitorial service, nor trash collection are provided.
    Staff: The Arboretum staff consists of researchers, educators and grounds maintenance personnel. There are no event coordinators available on staff.
    Environment: The Arboretum receives one of the highest levels of rainfall on O'ahu (this is why it is so beautiful) which can limit outdoor activities. Because of heavy rains, mosquitos can also be an annoyance. Event planners using the Arboretum should prepare contingency plans for rain.
    Scheduling: The Arboretum has a regular schedule of classes, tours, meetings and other public activities that occur throughout the grounds and facilities. Events need to be scheduled during times when other activities are light. The Arboretum is open to the public Monday through Friday from 8AM-4PM and Saturday from 9AM-3PM. Visitors are not restricted from any part of the Arboretum so will sometimes pass by events that are in progress.
    Parking: The Arboretum has a limited number of parking spaces available. Event participants should be prepared to car pool and only use the number of spaces reserved for the event.

The Lyon Arboretum can be a desirable location for events and requests will be made from time to time to hold a variety of events on the site. This policy sets forth the conditions under which such requests will be considered.

    Facilities: Because the capacities of indoor spaces are limited, only smaller groups (40-60) can be considered for events that need to be held indoors.
    Staff: No staff are available to provided assistance for events. Event organizers desiring regular priority usage of the Arboretum may apply to become a Lyon Arboretum Commercial event operator. Commercial event operators are expected to provide a per person fee based upon normal admission rates as well as the $350 donation per event.
    Scheduling: Events should in no way interfere with the regular programs of the Arboretum, thus dates and times should be requested well in advance to avoid conflict with any scheduled activities or programs. In order to schedule an event, contact or call 988-0456 and leave a message.
    Parking: Due to parking limitations, the total number of vehicles parked on the grounds should be 12 or fewer, unless special arrangements are made in advance.
    Cost: A donation of $350.00 to the Lyon Arboretum by the organizers of the event is requested. This does not include donations for memorials (see below). Photos: The Lyon Arboretum may be used for taking event photos and for production of advertising for events planned in the Arboretum. Inquiries should be made in advance to facilitate scheduling, and requesters may be asked to make a donation to the Lyon Arboretum.

    Memorial Markers: The Arboretum strives to provide ways in which families and friends can celebrated the lives of their loved ones.  We do not provide for memorial trees, benches, and other features on the grounds.  Instead, we encourage you to consider a memorial in our Garden of Remembrance.  All donations are used for the long-term maintenance and beauty of the Garden of Remembrance.