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Guidelines for Email Discussion Lists

detail Getting Help

  • If you are a current, classified UH LIS graduate student, you must be on the LIS-STU announcement list. Send email to Dr. Luz Quiroga at lquiroga@hawaii.edu so she can add your name to the list.
  • To subscribe/unsubscribe to other LIS lists, follow the instructions for
  • For future reference, save your welcome message which will give you important information on how to retrieve old messages from the archives, etc.

detail Posting Messages

  • Make sure your subject line reflects the topic. Vague subject lines like "Please help" or "Questions" are not meaningful. If there are several threads of discussion going on, concise subject lines are less confusing to readers.
  • If you are replying to a message, edit the original posting so that only the most important points are included in your message.
  • Sign your full name at the bottom of your message and include contact information such as an email address.

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detail Inappropriate Postings

  • Do not send attachments to the list! Attachments may take up a lot of space and carry viruses. Refer people to a web site or offer to send information individually if people are interested.
  • The list is not the place to advertise commercial products. If you think that people will be interested in a product, post a short summary and a URL. However, a debate about a product's usefulness may be appropriate.
  • Do not send copyrighted material to the list unless you have permission, in which case you should include this information. Otherwise, post a brief summary and a URL instead.
  • General messages of agreement or requests for copies (e.g. "I agree" or "Me too") should be sent privately to an individual.

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detail Be Courteous

  • You may disagree politely with what is being discussed but you may not attack others on the list. Send your complaints directly to an individual.
  • If you are soliciting multiple replies to a question or survey, ask people to reply directly to you. Offer to summarize the replies if enough people are interested in the information.
  • Be concise. Have consideration for other people's time and refrain from posting long multiple-screen messages.
  • It is appropriate to send a "thank you" to indicate that you have received enough information (put "thank you" and the topic in the subject line).
  • Be tolerant of beginners who are inexperienced in the etiquette of discussion lists.

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The list administrators reserve the right to remove offenders from these lists.

See RFC1855: Netiquette Guidelines for general information about online communications.

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Comments to: lis-web@lists.hawaii.edu