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Frequently Asked Questions
on LIS Mailing Lists

If a solution to your problem is not listed on this page, contact the LIST administrators at lis-web@lists.hawaii.edu along with the error messages you received, if any.

detail Cannot subscribe/unsubscribe (LIS-L, LIS-JOBS, LISALUMNI-L)

If you are trying to subscribe or unsubscribe to LIS-L, LIS-JOBS, or LISALUMNI-L, please confirm the following:

  1. Are you sending the subscription command via e-mail to listproc@hawaii.edu? The address from which you request the subscription is different from the one to which you post your messages. Confirm the address and try again.

  2. Is your e-mail message set as "plain text format"? The listproc server does not recognize e-mail messages written in HTML, RTF (Rich Text Format), or any format other than plain text. Switch to plain text format and try again.

  3. Are you using Web mail services such as Hotmail, or Yahoo Mail? These services automatically insert extra lines at the end of your message that can cause a problem. If this is the case, contact the LIST administrators at lis-web@lists.hawaii.edu so we can get you on the list manually.

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detail Cannot post (LIS-L)

If you fail to post your message to LIS-L, confirm the following:

  1. LIS-L only accepts postings from registered list members. To post your message to LIS-L, confirm that you are already subscribed to LIS-L.

  2. Are you sending out your messages from the registered e-mail address? You cannot post your message from your hotmail.com account if you registered your hawaii.edu address to LIS-L. Confirm that you are using the e-mail account that you registered when subscribing to LIS-L.

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detail Cannot receive (LIS-L, LIS-JOBS, LISALUMNI-L)

If you think that you are not receiving messages from LIS-L, LIS-JOBS, or LISALUMNI-L although you successfully registered, confirm the following:

  1. If your Internet service provider limits the size of your mail box and you exceed it, you will not be able to receive any e-mail messages until you clear your mail box. Confirm that you are not exceeding your disk quota.

  2. Some messages are not delivered due to server maintenance, or other technical problems. If this is the case, the LIST administrators are receiving error messages and are aware of these problems. Contact the LIST administrators at lis-web@lists.hawaii.edu to find out if your provider had these kinds of problems recently.

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Comments to: lis-web@lists.hawaii.edu