Alternate Format

How do I request Alternate Format for my textbooks and materials?

KOKUA provides alternate format services for students who have been approved for this accommodation on the basis of their disability. Eligibility for this service is determined by the student’s respective KOKUA Counselor during the KOKUA intake process.

  • Each term, ensure that you complete a Service Agreement Form (SAF) with your KOKUA Counselor.


  • It is important to submit your alternate format requests to KOKUA at least 3 weeks before the term begins. If requests are received after this priority deadline, alternate format cannot be guaranteed by the start of the term.
  • Please submit one KOKUA Alternate Format Request Form per class.
  • Due to federal copyright laws, you are required to purchase or rent a copy of each textbook requested and provide proof of purchase for each book.


  • Once your request is received, it will be reviewed within 2 working days and a status email will be sent to you.
  • If any of the requested books are not available in digital form from the publisher or other sources, KOKUA will ask you to provide a hard copy of the textbook which will be scanned by cutting the spine of the book and using high speed scanners. Once the spine is cut, the UHM Bookstore will not buy it back. KOKUA will contact you before cutting the book.
  • If you do not have any in-person classes and your books need to be scanned, please consider having it mailed directly to KOKUA from the UH Bookstore or book source:

    KOKUA Program
    University of Hawaii, QLCSS Rm. 013
    2600 Campus Road
    Honolulu, HI 96822

  • Depending on the format requested, your request may take 2 – 4 weeks to complete.


  • The completed files will be sent to your UH email via Filedrop. You will have 7 days to download all files to your computer.
  • Due to copyright law, sharing, copying, editing or distributing these files is prohibited.