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Here you will find important information technology alerts and late breaking news that affect computing services. Questions and comments about the topics of the articles should go to the individual authors.

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Current & Recent Outages UH - ITS News - Current & Recent Outages

(or expected resolution time)
[RESOLVED] Slowness to external networks Nov 26 12:58 PM
[RESOLVED] UHIMS database unavailable Nov 24 08:26 AM
[RESOLVED] MyUH front-end (lum45/t2k30) moving from Keller to ITC (2 of 2) Nov 20 11:00 AM
[RESOLVED] MyUH front-end (lum46/t2k31) moving from Keller to ITC (1 of 2) Nov 19 11:00 AM
[RESOLVED] TAPS unavailable to general users due to OS/application restore testing Nov 18 05:00 PM
[RESOLVED] UH Networks are experiencing intermittent interruptions Nov 17 09:55 PM
[RESOLVED] HCC Campus Wide Power Outage Nov 17 01:00 PM
[RESOLVED] [RESOLVED]Power outage near the lower part of the campus Nov 14 08:00 PM

Current Outages UH - ITS News - Current Outages

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Scheduled Outages UH - ITS News - Scheduled Outages

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Security Alerts UH - ITS News - Security Alerts

SummaryPosted On
Windows/Mac/Linux: Out-of-Band Adobe Flash Player Security Updates APSB14-26 11/26/2014
Phishing Attempt: <No subject line/Provide Confidential Information> 11/26/2014
Phishing Attempt: Failure to comply may result in the loss of your account within the next 24 hours. 11/24/2014
Phishing Attempt: Password will expire in 4 days 11/24/2014
Phishing Attempt: IT-Service Help Desk 11/24/2014
Phishing Attempt: Update Your 2013 IRS E-FILE Information 11/22/2014
Phishing Attempt: Your Mailbox has exceeded Its storage limit {Required Action} 11/19/2014
Phishing Attempt: Re-Validate Your School Mail Box 11/19/2014
Phishing Attempt: Urgent Attention!!! 11/17/2014
Windows: Schannel critical vulnerability 11/12/2014
Windows/Mac/Linux: Adobe Flash Player Security Updates APSB14-24 11/12/2014
Phishing Attempt: Outlook Web Apps Update ! 11/06/2014
Phishing Attempt: ACCOUNT UPGRADE 11/03/2014
Phishing Attempt: Update 11/01/2014
Phishing Attempt: Warning!!! Account owner 11/01/2014
Phishing Attempt: Update 10/31/2014
Phishing Attempt: Helpdesk Upgrade Message 10/30/2014

General Notices & Announcements UH - ITS News - General Notices & Announcements

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