Best Practices For Recycling UH-Owned Ewaste

The accelerated rate of development and subsequent replacement of electronics has resulted in a serious worldwide dilemma of how to responsibly recycle unwanted ewaste. The university has taken a positive step in the processing of UH-owned electronics with the establishment of the UH Quarterly eWaste Pick-Up program. Throughout the year recycling in the program takes place during the months of January, April, July, and October. All equipment disposed of through the program, which is sponsored by Apple, is recycled in an earth-friendly process at certified recycling centers.

The procedures for consolidation/shipping of ewaste vary on each UH campus; for a list of contacts that can provide information for each campus visit the program’s webpage at:

Prior to recycling any university-owned equipment you should take several steps:

- Review the AskUs article Best Practices For Recycling UH-Owned Ewaste for insights on securely deleting data.

- Check to see if another department of the university system can use the equipment by listing it on the UH Electronic Swap Meet.

- Verify inventory clearance of the equipment with your Administrative personnel.

- Consider donation if this is applicable.