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Data Center Services

The UH IT Center offers virtual server (VMware) and co-location services for University of Hawaii departments. The following is a list of service options available that will be available beginning March 2014. For more information, please contact the ITS data center team at

Standard data center features
  • Static, Public IP address
  • DNS Management
  • Access Security
  • 1000 Mbps non- dedicated Network Connection
  • 24 x 7 x 365 Facility Access
  • Firewall
  • UPS Power
  • Central Cooling
  • Central Generator

ITS Vmware Hosted Solutions

Standard Virtual Server:
  • 75 GB System Disk
  • 4 GB Ram
  • 1 Virtual CPU1, 2
  • Operating System(Red Hat Linux or Microsoft Windows Server)
  • Optional daily offsite backup
  • Monthly security scan (Available Fall 2015)
  • 1000 Mbps network connection (non-dedicated)


  • Setup of VM
  • Installation of Operating System (RHEL or Windows)
  • Configuration of Network
  • DNS setup
  • Setting up additional file systems (if purchasing additional disk space)
  • Firewall rules configuration
No charge
Additional Virtual CPU $170/CPU/Year
Additional Memory $11/GB/Year
Additional Data Storage(minimum 25GB increments)
  • 500GB High Performance SAS3
  • 500GB Economy SATA4

SSL Certificate No charge
Additional Professional Services Support Charges (minimum 1 hour charge per instance)
   Normal work hours (Mon - Fri from 8am to 5pm, excludes holidays)
   After hours support (All other times)


ITS Co-Location Solutions

Colocation Services
Keller Colocation Service
  • Full cabinet(40 RUs, 19" wide, 40" deep)
  • 10 power outlet connections5
  • Up to ten (10) 1GB network ports
  • Rack mount kits, shelving, cabling, etc. available at additional cost
  • No "remote hands" service6
IT Center Colocation Service
  • One 1GB public network port per server
  • ITS staff will install equipment and cabling
  • Provide "remote hands" service under customer supervision6
$3,300 per year per cabinet at Keller Data Center $125 per year per rack unit at IT Data Center
$3,700 per year full cabinet pricing.
Services Cost
  • Racking devices7
  • Configuration of Network
  • DNS setup
  • Installation and configuration of backup client
  • Firewall rules configuration
No charge
SSL Certificate $95/Year
Additional Professional Services Support Charges (minimum 1 hour charge per instance)
   Normal work hours (Mon - Fri from 8am to 5pm, excludes holidays)
   After hours support (All other times)



1Virtual CPU(vCPU) is roughly equal to 1 microprocessor core.
2Maximum number of vCPUs is two. Please consult with our data center support for further options if you need additional processing power.
3Serially Attached SCSI (SAS), 15,000rpm, good for high performance needs such as databases.
4Serial Advanced Technology Attachment (SATA), 7,500rpm, good for basic storage such as file sharing, web.
510 Power cords (max) or 12 amps (max) per cabinet
6Remote hands: view/report device status lights, power on/off, etc.
7Cabinet Technical Specifications


  • Colocation Service Level Agreement(PDF, 240kb)
  • Pricing is subject to change each fiscal year.
  • Facilities are generally available 24x7; however, due to unavoidable circumstances (i.e. weather or emergencies), there may occasionally be periods in which services and/or access is not immediately available.
  • Departments are required to have a qualified IT Specialist to manage their systems in the ITC or Keller data centers.
  • Power costs are not currently charged, but may become a charge in the future.
  • If expanding to larger subnet, re-addressing is REQUIRED.