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Marc Olav Lammers

Assistant Researcher
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Lammers, M.O., Pack, A.A. and Davis, L. (In prep). “Trends in whale/vessel collisions in Hawaiian waters” To be submitted to theJ. Cetacean Res. Manage.

Lammers, M.O., Stieb, S., Au, W.W.L., Mooney, T.A., Brainard, R.E. and Wong, K. (In prep). “Temporal, geographic and density variations in the acoustic activity of snapping shrimp.” To be submitted to Mar. Ecol. Prog. Ser.

Au, W.W.L., Lammers, M.O. and Yin, S. (In press). “Acoustics of dusky dolphins” In: Dusky Dolphins: Master Acrobats Off Different Shores. Eds. Würsig, B. & Würsig, M. Elsevier.

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