Greta Aeby

Assistant Researcher
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2000-2002 Post-doctoral research associate, University of West Florida
Coral bleaching and disease
1998 Ph.D., University of Hawaii at Manoa
Evolution and ecology of a marine trematode parasite of corals and reef fish.
1981 1981 B.S., University of New Mexico

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Publications (last 2 years)

Work, TM, Forsman, Z, Szabo, Z, Lewis, T, Aeby, G and R Toonen. 2011. Inter- specific coral chimerism: genetically distinct metazoa associated with tissue loss in Montipora capitata. PLoS ONE 6(7):e22869.

Aeby, GS, Williams, GJ, Franklin, EC, Kenyon, J, Cox, EF, Coles, S and TM Work. 2011. Patterns of coral disease across the Hawaiian archipelago: relating disease to environment. PLoS ONE 6(5):e20370.

Williams, G, Knapp, I, Aeby, G and S. Davy. 2011. Spatial and temporal patterns of scleractinian coral, soft coral, and zoathid disease on a remote, near-pristine coral reef (Palmyra Atoll, central Pacific). Dis Aquat Org 94:89-100.

Work, TM and GS Aeby. 2011. Pathology of tissue loss (white syndrome) in Acropora sp. corals from the Central Pacific. J Invert Path 107(2):127-131.

Aeby, GS, Williams, GJ, Franklin, E, Haapkyla, J, Harvell, CD, Neale, S, Page, C, Raymundo L, Vargas-Angel, B, Willis, B, Work, T and S. Davy. 2011. Growth Anomalies on the Coral Genera Acropora and Porites are Strongly Associated with Host Density and Human Population Size. PLoS one 6(2):e16887.

Aeby, GS, Bourne, DG, Wilson, B and TM Work. 2011. Coral diversity and the severity of disease outbreaks: a cross-regional comparison of Acropora white syndrome in a species-rich region (American Samoa) with a species-poor region (Northwestern Hawaiian Islands). J Mar Bio 2011.

Williams, G., Work, T., Aeby, G. and S. Davy. 2010. Gross and microscopic morphology of lesions in Cnidaria from Palmyra Atoll, remote Central Pacific. J Invert Path 106(2): 165-173.

Work, TM and GS Aeby. 2010. Wound repair in Montipora capitata. J Invert Path 105:116-119.

Aeby, GS, Ross, M, Williams GJ, Lewis TD and TM Work. 2010. Disease dynamics of Montipora white syndrome within Kaneohe Bay, Oahu, Hawaii: distribution, seasonality, virulence, and transmission. Dis Aquat Org 91:1-8.

Work, TM, Vignon, M and GS Aeby. 2010. Microparasite ecology and health status of blue-lined snappers (Lutjanus kasmira) from the Pacific islands. Aquatic Biology 9:185-192.

Williams, G., Aeby, G., Cowie, R. and S. Davy. 2010. Predictive modeling of coral disease distribution within a reef system. PLoS one 5(2):e9264.

Kenyon, K, Wilkinson, C., and G. Aeby. 2010. Community structure of hermatypic corals at Midway Atoll in the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands: A legacy of human disturbance. Atoll Research Bulletin 581.


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