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  • The final deadline to submit Spring 2017 instructor-based and STAFF-based Focus forms is Friday, October 14, 2016.
  • Requests to remove an active Focus designation from a Spring 2017 section must be received by the General Education Office by Friday, October 14, 2016, before the designation has been “advertised” to students on Class Availability.
  • A searchable Focus status list(accurate as of 8/23/16) is now available. Instructors with Focus approval for a course through Spring 2017 or later (check the Focus status list above) will have that designation placed on their Spring 2017 section(s) by the General Education Office provided that they are listed in Banner as the instructor of record before students begin registering for Spring 2017 classes.


-for UHM faculty members-

pdf icon"Instructor-Based" Focus form should be submitted by an individual instructor when that instructor wants a new Focus designation or needs to renew an expired designation for his/her Spring 2017 course.


-for Department Chairpersons/Focus Coordinators only- 

pdf icon"COURSE-Based" form should be submitted by the Department Chair or Focus Coordinator when a department has a course that inherently meets the Focus Hallmarks. Upon approval, all sections of the course will be designated with the requested Focus. Individual instructors will not have to submit Focus forms.

Click here for examples of approved course descriptions for courses with a course-based Focus designation.     

pdf icon"STAFF-Based" form should be submitted by the Department Chair or Focus Coordinator when a department has unstaffed sections of a course that traditionally have a Focus designation. Upon approval, the unstaffed sections will be designated with the requested Focus. Once instructors are assigned, they must submit their own "regular" Focus form to explain how they will teach the course in accordance with the Focus Hallmarks.

Click here for a FALL 2016 Focus form (required for newly assigned instructors of Fall Focus sections).

Focus areas

Focus Class Lists (by semester)

Please be advised that Focus sections vary every semester and designations may be changed (added or removed) until registration begins. Students should consult "Class Availability" before they register for the most up-to-date Focus information.

Focus section lists can also be found at STAR Academic Logic DB (limited-access website):
     Enrollment Management - Course Availability - Attribute.

last updated October 25, 2016; report errors to gened@hawaii.edu