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Course Articulation List: General Education

UH West O'ahu to UH Mānoa

Transfer students may transfer approved UH courses to meet UHM's graduation requirements. Students with questions about requirements or transferable courses should consult a UHM college advisor.

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UHM Foundations Requirements
Global & Multicultural Perspectives (FGA, FGB, FGC) 6 credits (from 2 groups)
Symbolic Reasoning (FS) 3 credits
Written Communication (FW) 3 credits
TOTAL CREDITS 12 credits

A course may transfer to UHM with Foundations credit or with Diversification credit but not both. A course may transfer with Foundations credit or Focus credit but not both.

Some UHM Colleges/Schools require particular Foundations courses.


UHWO Course UHM Foundations area Effective Terms
ANTH 151 FGA Fall 2007-present
ANTH 152 FGB Fall 2007-present
GEOG 102 FGB Fall 2007-present
HIST 151 FGA Fall 2007-present
HIST 152 FGB Fall 2007-present
MATH 100 FS Fall 2007-present
MATH 103 FS Fall 2007-present
MATH 112 FS Fall 2007-present
MATH 135 FS Fall 2007-present
MATH 140 FS Fall 2007-present
MATH 241 FS Spring 2010-present (added 9/9/10)
MATH 242 FS Fall 2010-present (added 9/9/10)
ENG 100 FW Fall 2007-present



UHM Diversification Requirements
Arts (DA), Humanities (DH), and Literatures (DL) 6 credits from two areas
Biological Science (DB) 3 credits
Physical Science (DP) 3 credits
Science Lab (DY) 1 credit
Social Science (DS) 6 credits from two different departments
TOTAL CREDITS 19 credits

NOTE: Students who take a UH system course that is equivalent to a UHM course will get the Diversification credit that the UHM course has, except in instances where the sending campus's Diversification designation is different than Manoa's. In those instances, students will receive the Diversification designation of the sending campus. (Effective December 2008; see 12/18/08 memo for details.) For a complete list of courses, visit the UHM Admissions & Records "Transfer Credit Search."

Arts, Humanities, and Literatures

UHWO Course UHM Diversification area Effective Terms*
ANTH 235 DH Fall 2007-present
ANTH 321 DH Fall 2008-present (added 8/24/10)
HPST 212 DA Fall 2007-present
ENG 253 DL Fall 2007-present
ENG 254 DL Fall 2007-present
ENG 257B DL Fall 2007-present
ENG 260 DL Fall 2007-present
ENG 261 DL Fall 2007-present
ENG 270 DL Fall 2007-present
HIST 232 DH Fall 2007-present
HIST 241 DH Fall 2007-present
HIST 296 DH Fall 2007-present
HPST 201 DH Fall 2008-present (added 8/24/10)
HWST 107 DH Fall 2010-present (added 7/3/12)
PHIL 100 DH Fall 2007-present
PHIL 210 DH Fall 2007-present
SP 151 DA Fall 2007-present

Social Sciences

UHWO Course UHM Diversification area Effective Terms*
ANTH 210 DS Fall 2007-present
ECON 130 DS Fall 2007-present
ECON 131 DS Fall 2007-present
HPST 202 DS Fall 2007-present
PHIL 220 DS Fall 2007-present
POLS 110 DS Fall 2007-present
POLS 130 DS Fall 2007-present
PSY 100 DS Fall 2007-present
PSY 212 DS Fall 2007-present
PSY 240 DS Fall 2007-present
PSY 250 DS Fall 2007-present
PSY 260 DS Fall 2007-present
PUBA 101 DS Fall 2007-present
SOC 100 DS Fall 2007-present
SOC 362 DS Fall 2002-present
SSCI 210 DS Fall 2007-present
WS 151 DS Fall 2007-present

Natural Sciences

UHWO Course UHM Diversification area Effective Terms*
ANTH 215 DB Fall 2007-present
ANTH 215L DY Fall 2007-present
ASTR 110 DP Fall 2007-present
BIOL 100 DB Fall 2007-present
BIOL 101 DB Fall 2007-present
BIOL 101L DY Fall 2007-present
BIOL 123 DB Fall 2007-present
BIOL 123L DY Fall 2007-present
BIOL 200 DB Fall 2007-present
CHEM 100 DP Fall 2007-present
CHEM 100L DY Fall 2007-present
GEOL 122 DP Fall 2011-present (added 3/1/12)
OCN 201 DP Fall 2007-present
PHYS 100 DP Fall 2007-present
PHYS 100L DY Fall 2007-present
PSY 231 DB Fall 2007-present
ZOOL 101 DB Fall 2008-present (added 8/24/10)
ZOOL 101L DY Fall 2008-present (added 8/24/10)
ZOOL 200 DB Fall 2007-present
ZOOL 200L DY Fall 2007-present



Focus requirements for UH transfer students (within-UH system transfer) are determined by the year students enter the UH System and the number of credits that UH Mānoa accepts. Students who entered the UH System in Fall 2011 or later are required to fulfill all of Manoa's Focus requirements (1 E course, 1 H course, 1 O course, and 5 W courses). Students who entered a UH campus from Spring 2005 through Summer 2011 have prorated Focus requirements as indicated in the chart below. Students who entered UH prior to Spring 2005 should check with a UH Mānoa college advisor to determine their Focus requirements.

E = Contemporary Ethical Issues
H = Hawaiian, Asian, & Pacific Issues
O = Oral Communication
W = Writing Intensive

UHM Focus requirements for students who entered the UH system between Spring 2005 and Summer 2011.*
Number of accepted credit hours W** H E O
0-54 5 1 1 1
55-88 5 1 1 E or 1 O
89+ 5 1 none none

*  Students who have a break in enrollment at UH other than an approved leave of absence are considered to have entered the UH System in the semester in which they return, not the semester in which they originally started.

** At least 2 of the W courses must be numbered at the 300- or 400-level.

UHM Focus Area UHWO Course UHWO Instructor
If instructor name is listed, course must be taken by that person to receive Focus credit at UHM
Effective Date End Date
H ANTH 235 Suzanne Falgout Fall 2008 Summer 2011
H ANTH 350 Suzanne Falgout Fall 2010 Summer 2013 (added 3/8/12)
H BOT 105 Lynn Hodgson Fall 2009 Summer 2012
H HPST 201 Leilani Basham Fall 2008 Summer 2011
H HPST 202 Sa'ili Lilomaiava-Doktor Fall 2008 Summer 2011
H HPST/HUM 304 Ross Cordy Fall 2008 Summer 2012 (updated 3/8/12)
H HPST/GEOG 365 Sa'ili Lilomaiava-Doktor Fall 2008 Summer 2015 (updated 3/8/12)
H HPST 462 Ross Cordy Fall 2012 Summer 2015 (added 3/8/12)
H HPST/ENG 477 Ross Cordy Fall 2012 Summer 2015 (added 3/8/12)
H HWST 107 (was HPST 201) Leilani Basham Fall 2010 Summer 2012 (updated 3/8/12)
H PACS 108 (was HPST 202) Sa'ili Lilomaiava-Doktor Fall 2010 Summer 2012 (updated 3/8/12)
H All courses identified as HAP on UHWO's Class Availability will transfer as satisfying the UHM HAP Focus requirement. Spring 2009 on
E None
O None
W All courses identified as writing intensive in the UH West O'ahu Schedule of Classes and MyUH will transfer as satisfying a UHM writing-intensive requirement

Hawaiian or Second Language

UHM Hawaiian or Second Language Requirement (HSL)
Most students are required to show competence at the 202 (or equivalent) level in Hawaiian or a second language by doing one of the following:

a) completing a four-semester sequence (usually 101, 102, 201, and 202) in a single language
b) demonstrating competence by taking a UH Mānoa exam if one is offered. Check with the UHM language department in question
c) receiving a language-requirement waiver. For example, waivers may be given to students who are native speakers of a language other than English. Contact the College of Languages, Linguistics, and Literature for details.

The Hawaiian or Second Language requirement has been modified or waived for students in the following schools and colleges: College of Business; College of Education; College of Engineering; School of Nursing and Dental Hygiene; School of Ocean, Earth Science, and Technology; College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources. Students in these colleges/schools should consult a college advisor. Students should be aware that changing their major may change their Hawaiian or Second Language requirement.
Credits for Previous Language Experience

All UHM students under the current General Education requirements with experience in a language other than English (including native speakers) may earn “back credits.” These students may take any UH Mānoa course, appropriate to their level, in which there is significant use of that language. (Appropriate level determined by placement exam or advisor; significant use determined by the course content.) Upon completion of this course, if students earn a letter grade of C (not C-) or better, they will receive between 3 and 16 back credits. Back credits may be earned for only one language. The student must take the course for a letter grade (not credit/no credit). Other restrictions also apply. Check with the appropriate language department for details and forms or at the HSL General Education website.

TOTAL CREDITS not applicable


Language courses taken at UH West O'ahu
Almost all lower-division language courses are currently accepted; the 4-semester language sequences(101, 102, 201, 202) are accepted.


* Foundations and Diversification courses are reviewed every five years to ensure the courses continue to meet the Hallmarks of the General Education area.

**Course no longer offered. After UHM Admissions & Records evaluates your UHWO transcript, you will receive a transfer evaluation report that will state how this course transfers to UHM.



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