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UH courses

UH system courses with an equivalent Manoa course will receive the UHM Diversification designation, except in instances where the sending campus's Diversification designation is different than Manoa's. In those instances, students will receive the Diversification designation of the sending campus. (See 12/18/08 memo for details.)

Course equivalencies are indicated on the UHM Admissions & Records Transfer Credit search web site. [IMPORTANT: The site does not indicate whether a UH course also articulates as a Focus class.]

UH campuses can request that a non-equivalent course transfer as satisfying a UHM Diversification requirement by sending the official catalog description and, when feasible, the course syllabus to the UHM Office for Undergraduate Education.

Student transfer credit review process

Transfer students have their official college transcript(s) sent to UHM Admissions & Records Office or inform Admissions and Records that they completed courses at a UH campus. Courses that have already been reviewed are posted on the Admissions & Records Transfer Credit Search Database and the UH System Transfer Credit Search site and on this General Education web site.

If a course is equivalent to a UHM course with a Diversification designation, the student gets credit for that Diversification designation. After receiving the results of the transcript review, students should consult a UHM college advisor to verify their graduation requirements.

NOTE: Students who transfer to UHM with an AA degree from a UH campus have met all of their UHM Foundations and Diversification requirements (i.e., "Core" requirements). They still need to complete General Education Graduation (Focus and Hawaiian/Second Language) requirements, college requirements, and major requirements.


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