Education and Workforce Development

This project is a highly collaborative and strategic statewide approach to promote data literacy and access to data-science approaches through a portfolio of multi-modal education and training programs with a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion focus. The objectives of this program are four-fold:

  • Develop and curate formal and informal Data Science (DS) curriculum resources within and across institutions statewide.
  • Support interdisciplinary training through inclusive fellowship and Data Science Fellows program.
  • Support DS participation and workforce development through training and internship programs.
  • Support academic workforce development and research competitiveness through early career faculty hires and faculty/postdoctoral professional development.

Graduate Fellows Program

The Hawaiʻi Data Science Institute established the HI-DSI Data Science Fellows (DF) program. This program supports graduate research fellows from various computational and non-computational disciplines to work on domain science problems through data science approaches.

Change(HI) graduate students participate in the Data Science Fellows year-long training program and have the opportunity to further their knowledge in the theory, techniques and applications of data science.

Undergraduate Summer Programs

Change HI supports undergraduate summer programs at three campuses. Students learn hands-on and build essential data science skills.

University Of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa

The Change(HI) Opportunity for Research Experience (CORE) program is a mentored research program offered to undergraduate students from any discipline. Through a mentored research experience with Change(HI) faculty, students have the unique opportunity to gain exposure to research methods and develop valuable skills.

University Of Hawaiʻi at Hilo

The UH Hilo Summer Scholars (UHHSS) program is a cross-disciplinary undergraduate student program that connects climate, social and data science research. This program emphasizes collaborative and wet and dry lab experiences. Research areas include coral biology and artificial intelligence-based photogrammetric image analytics. 

Chaminade University of Honolulu

The Supporting Pacific Impact Computational Excellence (SPICE) program is a 4-week online cross-institutional undergraduate summer program offered at Chaminade University of Honolulu. Students will build basic data science skills, conduct a mentored research project and participate in weekly cultural and place-based virtual field trips.  

Internships & Training

Change HI has a variety of opportunities for furthering education through internships, data science training, and mentoring and professional development.


The Change HI internship program are paid internships in partnership with local employers offered to undergraduate students at UH Hilo, UH Mānoa, and Chaminade University.

Data science training

Change HI offers data science training and certifications for workforce development. Offered in partnership with UH Mānoa and Chaminade University, this training program combines online, self-paced modules to develop data science skills with guidance, support and community.

Mentoring & Professional Development

In partnership with the Center for Integrative Knowledge Systems Kulana Noʻi Program, Change HI offers specific training and professional development activities focused on early career scientists to provide guidance for working relationships between communities and researchers.

Education and Workforce Development Team

Helen Turner


SPICE Program

Chaminade University

Phil Johnson


Data Fellows Program

UH Mānoa

John Burns

UH Hilo lead

UHHSS Program

UH Hilo

Alex Stokes

CITRUS Program

UH Mānoa

Rylan Chong

SPICE Program

Chaminade University

Shivani Tanaka

CORE Program

UH Mānoa

Travis Mandel

UHHSS Program

UH Hilo

Sukhwa Hong

UHHSS Program

UH Hilo