MVP medal

And the unofficial ‘Most Valuable Team Member’ award goes to…

Administrative professionals nationwide were honored this past week in celebration of Administrative Professionals Day held on April 24.

‘Ike Wai team member, Michelle Choe serves as program support associate for the project. Choe, a University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa alumni is described as the heartbeat of the project and provides much of the “behind-the-scenes” support needed to keep the project running smoothly.

“Michelle is a consummate professional and provides expert support to our entire team.  Her formidable organizational skills boost everyoneʻs productivity. I rely on her knowledge daily to help guide my decisions”, said ‘Ike Wai Project Director Dr. Gwen Jacobs when speaking on Choeʻs contribution to the team.

Choe has worked with the project since its inception in 2016 and has proven herself daily to be an essential employee whose unwavering commitment to helping others makes a significant impression on those around her.

Adriana Comerford who works for Cyberinfrastructure as a network specialist remembers her first day of work and how Choeʻs guidance and professionalism made a difference, “She was always happy to help and ready with maps for directions and always polite.”

Comerford who recently moved to Hawai‘i expressed her gratitude for the support Choe provided during her transition. “It was already hard to move to a place where I did not have family and friends and started a new job where I did not know anyone. It was a little nerve-racking for me, but Michelle always made me feel welcome in the workplace and is always willing to help me.”

Choe supports the ‘Ike Wai team by handling many of the administrative details of the project from managing schedules, coordinating meetings and executing all of the projectʻs event planning. According to ‘Ike Wai Managing Director Kevin Kelly, Choe continues to take on new roles and responsibilities that firmly display her attention to detail, sense of humor and work ethic.

“What makes her a joy to work with is that she came to the job with a service ethos. In the end, our job is service to the ‘Ike Wai faculty and students and her pleasant, self-depreciating style allows her to work effectively with a broad range of people”, said Kelly.

Choe who is commonly known to say that she “doesnʻt know anything” is the first person who team members reach out to when faced with a challenge.

Effortlessly outlining complicated policies and procedures during staff meetings and coordinating multifaceted assignments in her day-to-day tasks, Choe is seen to draw from an abundant font of professional knowledge.  

Jacobs who has witnessed first hand Choeʻs admirable abilities said, “If we took a vote for ʻMost Valuable Team Member’ Michelle would win, hands down. She is a joy to work with.”