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The site is down daily
between 2:30 - 3:00 AM for database backups.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Need technical assistance?
Send email to:

Inquiries for work requests should be directed to the campus Facilities, O&M office.

Getting Started with eFacilities AiM

  1. Login requires faculty/staff UH username and password.
    (The UH username is the part that precedes the ‘’ email address.)
    Example:, UH username  = john
  2. Non-traditional employees (RCUH, emergency, casual hires) may need further assistance setting up login privileges. Contact for more information.

  3. First-time users will be prompted to identify their Authorizer (UH username of Dept Chair, Dean, or Director) and their department/campus Fiscal (FO) code. Please be prepared with this info.

  4. Users must utilize the function keys, located at the top right corner of the each AiM screen, to navigate and save transactions.  The AiM system will not recognize the Return/Enter key to execute a function.

  5. Some fields in AiM display the Zoom button FMAX zoom button next to a fillable field. This means a list of possible selections may be called up. Clicking on a selection will pre-fill the field.  Example:

    Zoom screen shot example

  6. Click on campus pages (above) for User Guides and other campus-specific information regarding work requests.

  7. The email should be used for requesting technical AiM support only. Follow-up on work status directly with the respective campus office handling the request.

  8. Campuses such as UH Manoa, HCC, Maui College, and UH West Oahu use eFacilities AiM for services other than Facilities/O&M. Please inquire with respective campus for more information.