(by department, unit or institution, with membership of affiliated graduate program(s) in parentheses)

University of Hawai‘i at Manoa

Department of Anthropology

Christopher J. Bae

School of Life Sciences

Kasey E. Barton (Botany)

Evolutionary ecology

Rebecca Chong (Zoology)

Genomics and evolution of symbiotic interactions

Kathleen S. Cole (Marine Biology, Zoology)

Evolution of sexual patterns; behavioral ecology

Sheila Conant (Marine Biology, Zoology, emerita)

Conservation biology, life history and ecology of Hawaiian birds

Curtis C. Daehler (Botany)

Invasive plants, plant-insect interactions

Donald R. Drake (Botany)

Plant Ecology, conservation biology, plant-animal interactions

David Cameron Duffy (Botany, Zoology)

Conservation biology (basic and applied)

Mark A. Hixon (Marine Biology, Zoology)

Marine ecology and conservation biology, especially regarding coral-reefs

Peter B. Marko (Marine Biology, Zoology)
Evolution, biogeography and conservation

Mark D. Merlin (Botany, Geography)
Biogeography, ethnobotany, Pacific natural history

Clifford W. Morden (Botany)

Molecular systematics and evolution of plants and algae

Christopher Muir (Botany)
Plant evolution and ecophysiology, biostatistics

Megan L. Porter (Marine Biology, Zoology)

Molecular evolution, visual system evolution

Tom Ranker (Botany, emeritus)
Origin and evolution of the flora of oceanic and other islands

Floyd Reed (Zoology)
Population genetics

Alison R. Sherwood (Botany, Marine Biology)
Evolution, systematics and population genetics of Hawaiian algae

Celia M. Smith (Botany, Marine Biology)

Physiological ecology of marine macrophytes, marine ecology

Andrew D. Taylor (Zoology, emeritus)
Population and community ecology of interspecific interactions; applied statistics

Robert C. Thomson (Zoology) EECB Program Chair
Phylogenetics and conservation

Tamara Ticktin (Botany)
Ethnoecology and conservation

Timothy C. Tricas (Marine Biology, Zoology)
Sensory biology, behavior and behavioral ecology of reef fish

Amber N. Wright (Zoology)

Population, community and behavioral ecology; conservation of reptiles, amphibians and mammals


Department of Cell and Molecular Biology

No current EECB faculty

Department of Geography


Qi (Evan) Chen (Geography)
Use of field observations, GIS, remote sensing and ecological modeling for addressing key environmental challenges

Camilo Mora (Geography)
Biogeography, threats to biodiversity, global conservation assessments and methods for macroecology

Department of Geology and Geophysics

Brian N. Popp (Marine Biology, Oceanography)

Stable isotope biogeochemistry, primarily in marine systems

Department of Information and Computer Sciences

Lee Altenberg

Evolutionary computation and theoretical population genetics; Hawaiian dry forest conservation and biosecurity for Hawaii

Lyon Arboretum

Zak Zahawi
Tropical ecology with a particular focus in restoration ecology

Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology (HIMB)

Brian W. Bowen (Cell and Molecular Biology, Marine Biology, Zoology)

Phylogeography, evolution and conservation genetics of marine vertebrates

Robert Toonen (Marine Biology, Oceanography, Zoology)

Population biology and larval ecology of marine invertebrates

Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Management (NREM)

Travis W. Idol (NREM)

Forest soils and nutrient cycling

Creighton M. Litton (NREM)
Forest ecology

Melissa Price (NREM)
Conservation ecology and genetics

Pacific Biosciences Research Center (PBRC)

Anthony Amend (Botany)
Ecology and biogeography of biotrophic fungal communities

Robert H. Cowie (Zoology)

Biodiversity, invasive species, conservation, extinction; rat lungworm disease and parasitic nematodes

Nicole Hynson (Botany)
Ecological factors that shape plant and fungal communities

Kenneth Y. Kaneshiro (Entomology, Zoology)
Sexual selection and biology of small populations

Matthew C. I. Medeiros (Entomology, Zoology)
Ecology and evolutionary biology of infectious disease

Department of Plant and Environmental Protection Sciences (PEPS)

Daniel Rubinoff (Entomology)
Insect systematics, conservation biology, and the evolution of ecological traits

Mark Wright (Entomology)
Insect biological control, insect conservation, invasive species management

Department of Tropical Plant and Soil Sciences (TPSS)

Michael Kantar (TPSS)

Plant breeding, genetics/genomics, domestication, crop wild relatives

Nhu Nguyen (TPSS)
Soil microbial ecology, diversity and systematics

University of Hawai‘i at Hilo

College of Agriculture, Forestry and Natural Resource Management (CAFNRM)

Lorna H. Arita-Tsutsumi

Behavioral ecology of insects

Department of Biology

Matt Knope

Ecology, evolution and conservation biology of plants and animals; evolution of new ecological strategies

Rebecca Ostertag

Community structure and nutrient dynamics; ecosystem function of tropical forests

Department of Marine Science

Marta J. DeMaintenon

Evolution of gastropod organogenetic patterns

Affiliate Graduate Faculty

Bishop Museum

Allen Allison (Zoology)

Systematics and population biology

Neal L. Evenhuis (Entomology)
Systematics and evolution of Diptera

Norine W. Yeung
(affiliate in PBRC)
Phylogenetics and conservation of Hawaiian land snails

Hawaii Cooperative Fishery Research Unit

Charles Birkeland (emeritus)
Coral reef ecology and management, marine community ecology

Hawaii Department of Land and Natural Resources

Lisa Cali Crampton
Ecology and conservation of birds and mammals

National Geographic Pristine Seas

Alan M. Friedlander (NREM)
Nearshore fisheries

National Tropical Botanical Garden

Diane Ragone

Horticulture and ethnobotany of breadfruit

Nina Rønsted
Evolution of plant diversity and the relationship between people and plants


(by graduate program)

University of Hawai‘i at Manoa


  • Daniel Cusimano

Botany (School of Life Sciences)

  • Jesse Adams
  • Feresa Cabrera
  • Solomon Champion
  • Juan Francisco Guisado Chavez
  • Olivia Clark
  • Thomas Chapin
  • Elizabeth Conlon
  • Devon DeBevoise
  • Julia Douglas
  • Kevin Faccenda
  • Ana Flores - graduate student representative 2023
  • Jimmy Fumo
  • Veronica Gibson
  • Zoe Hastings
  • Holden Jones
  • Ashley McGuigan
  • Sunyoung Park
  • Joseph Pryzdia
  • Smrity Ramavarapu
  • Manya Singh
  • Scott Van De Verg
  • Leah Thompson
  • Dachuan "Frank" Wang
  • Peter Wiggin
  • Emilee Wong

Cell and Molecular Biology

  • No current EECB students

Entomology (Department of Plant and Environmental Protection Sciences)

  • Kyhl Austin
  • Jared Bernard
  • Kenneth Choi
  • Kirsten Poff
  • Brad Reil
  • Mason Russo


  • Aurora Kagawa-Viviani
  • Kira Webster

Marine Biology

  • Erika Alvarado
  • Evan Barba
  • Danielle Bartz
  • Eric Dilley
  • Daniela Escontrela
  • Isabella Gaw
  • Mykle Hoban
  • Trevor Johannsen
  • Derek Kraft
  • Elaine Luo
  • Paolo Marra-Biggs
  • Marisa McDonald
  • Megan McElligott
  • Sefa Munoz
  • Sitara Palecanda
  • Leon Tran
  • Sarah Tucker
  • Syrena Whitner

Molecular Biosciences and Bioengineering

  • No current EECB students

Natural Resources and Environmental Management

  • Kristina Estrada
  • Kristen Harmon
  • Kaleiheana-a-Pohaku Stormcrow
  • Emily Thyroff


  • Wesley Sparagon
  • Eric Tong

Tropical Plant and Soil Sciences

  • Quinn Campbell
  • Aleta Corpuz
  • Ishwora Dhungana
  • Nathan Fumia
  • Karen Parada

Zoology (School of Life Sciences)

  • Spencer Alascio
  • Valentina Alvarez
  • Melissa Atkins
  • Erik Brush
  • Sean Canfield
    • Jose Carranza
    • Maria Costantini
    • Noah Doeden
    • Taylor Ely
    • Jordan Gossett
    • Chasen Griffin - graduate student representative 2023
    • Ryan Jones
    • Anne Lee
    • Alison Meeth
    • Hannah Moon
    • Natalie Myers
    • Patrick Nichols
    • Randi Rollins
    • Helen Sung
    • Cecile Vimond
    • Mamo Waianuhea
    • Ginevra Walker
    • Michael Wallstrom
    • Danya Weber
    • McLean Worsham

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