The goal of distance learning at the University of Hawaiʻi is to provide access to the rich array of instructional resources already available to on-campus students and to students anywhere in the state who are committed to higher education, but unable to attend the UH campus offering their program of choice. This is consistent with the goals of the University of Hawaiʻi Strategic Plan. As part of the strategic planning process the University of Hawaiʻi Distance and Distributed Learning Action Plan was drafted to lay out the specific actions UH should take to move forward. In addition, UH endeavors to apply the Principles of Good Practice for Electronically Offered Degree Programs (PDF). More information about the structure of distance learning can be found in Executive Policy EP 5.204, University Distance Learning Plans, Policies and Procedures and Regents Policy RP 5.210, Distance Education and Offsite Instruction.

Systemwide Distance Learning Groups

Campus Distance Coordinators Group (CDC)

Distributed Learning Advisory Committee (DLAC)

DLAC is the lead systemwide group that helps the University of Hawaiʻi advance its mission through distributed and distance learning. The focus of the DLAC is on helping all parts of the UH System work effectively together to extend access to higher education throughout the State of Hawaiʻi, improve the quality of educational services to UH students, and reach new constituencies throughout the world. The DLAC is not intended as an operational body, but is responsible to proactively identify and catalyze action on the systemic issues as they arise. The DLAC advises and counsels administrators, policy-makers, and other groups such as the Council of Chancellors, the Council of Chief Academic Officers, the Council of Chief Student Affairs Officers and the Library Council as appropriate. The DLAC prepares, monitors and oversees a systemwide distributed learning action plan that supports overall strategic plans and priorities of the UH system and campuses.

Distance Learning Program Planning Group (DLPPG)

DLPPG is a system-wide group composed of University and Education Centers and representation from offering units that assists campuses, departments and support units in the planning and coordination of distance and online programs to meet educational needs within the State of Hawaiʻi. The DLPPG advises programs, allocates system resources, and coordinates the master listings of distance and online programs.

UHCC Distance Education Committee

(description from Revised Executive Policy E5.204, 1998)
The UHCC Distance Education Committee is a community college system committee composed of administrators, faculty, media center coordinators, librarians, and student services personnel. The Committee is charged with coordinating community college distance learning efforts.

University Centers Directors

The University Center Directors from Kauaʻi CC, Hawaiʻi CC and Maui College are periodically convened by the Office of the Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs to discuss programs and issues related to distance delivery of certificates and baccalaureate or higher degree programs across the state. They host meetings of the Education Center directors and themselves periodically to discuss similar issues.

Campus Distance Learning Committees

UH Mānoa Distance Learning Committee
UH Hilo Distance Learning Advisory Committee
UH West Oʻahu Distance Education Committee
UH Maui College Academic Senate’s Ad hoc Distance Learning Committee
Honolulu Community College Distance Education Advisory Committee
Kauaʻi Community College Distance Learning Committee
Leeward Community College Distance Education Committee
Windward Community College

*no official DL committee at Kapiʻolani Community College and Hawaiʻi Community College

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