Library Services

The level of support provided at each campus library varies. Therefore, it is critical to plan early and carefully for library needs. Every student will need a library card for any transaction. Keep in mind that resources also include videotapes, slides, filmstrips, etc. The Outreach Librarian on each campus is available to discuss your library needs and special services at the receive sites.

Outreach Librarians

Campus Outreach Librarian Phone/Fax
Hawaiʻi Community College Amy Saxton
(p) 808-932-7331
(f) 808-932-7306
Honolulu Community College Sarah Myhre
(p) 808-845-9194
(f) 808-845-3618
Kapiʻolani Community College Susan Murata
(p) 808-734-9267
(f) 808-734-9453
Kauaʻi Community College Ann McKenna
(p) 808-245-8374
(f) 808-245-8294
Leeward Community College Junie Hayashi
(p) 808-455-0209
(f) 808-453-6729
UH Hilo Amy Saxton
(p) 808-932-7331
(f) 808-932-7306
UH Maui College Lillian Mangum
(p) 808-984-3584
(f) 808-244-9644
UH West Oʻahu Alphie Garcia
(p) 808-455-0497
Windward CC Library Nancy Heu
(p) 808-235-7435
(f) 808-235-7344
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