Cable Troubleshooting Tips

Having difficulty finding QAM channel

  • If your TV's QAM tuner is having difficulty finding the UHTV, EDUTV or MCTV channel, do a channel scan, then look for ch 46.xx (ch 27.xx Maui County). After the TV detects the channel, it will keep it in its memory. You might want to set it as a "favorite" for ease in finding the channel again.

Another program is airing, other than, your cable class

  • Check to see if you are tuned to the correct channel.
  • Check your course packet or syllabus to view the broadcast schedule of your class or check the DL Course Listing.
  • Contact the UHTV programming hotline at (808) 956-2724. Identify yourself, your class and state your concern.

There is no picture on the channel

  • Check to see if you are tuned to the correct channel (channel 354/QAM 27.54 Maui County or 46.54 all other Counties, 355/QAM 27.55 Maui County or 46.55 all other Counties)
  • If you are an Spectrum subscriber, go to Spectrum's support page.
  • If you are a Hawaiian Telcom TV subscriber, go to Hawaiian Telcom's support page.

Recording the class using a VCR

  • If using recycled videotape, be sure it is rewound and the record tab is not pulled-out. If the record tab is pulled-out, then cover with tape. Check to make sure the length of the videotape covers the duration of the class broadcast.
  • Double check your timer settings - be sure it is set for the correct date, start time, end time, channel and tape speed.

Recording the class using a DVR

  • Be sure you do not have any conflicts with other scheduled recordings.
  • Be sure your class is set to record for the whole series.
  • Double check your on-screen guide - be sure you are choosing the correct channel and cable class (broadcast day and time).

Missed viewing of class session

  • Check course packet or broadcast schedule to see if there is a rebroadcast of the class session missed.
  • Check with instructor for other options to obtain missed content.

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