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Psychology for User Experience with David Hogue

August 22, 7:00pm - 9:00pm
Mānoa Campus, Krauss Hall 12

It has become common for us to complain about a design by saying it has "bad UX", but what does that really mean? If we dislike the graphics, colors, icons, or typography we identify the design weaknesses, and we will call out grammar and spelling errors and poor content, but "bad UX" oftens means we are vaguely dissatisfied with how something works or makes us feel. Designing for people means that we need to understand how they feel (emotions), what drives them (motivation), and how they think (cognition) - their interactions (behavior) arise from all of these. Experiences need to be more than efficient and accurate, they also need to engage, please, and satisfy. We'll discuss how we can create better experiences (and even "excellent UX") by including basic psychological principles in our design process.

David Hogue is a UX design manager at Google, digital strategist, teacher, author and designer. He has been studying user behavior and designing interfaces since 1997, and combines his skills as a designer and psychologist to bring deeper insight into users' behaviors and motivations when interacting with digital devices and interfaces. He is also as Adobe Community Professional (ACP) and User Group Manager.

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Pacific New Media, Outreach College, Mānoa Campus

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