Astronomy Final Oral

July 22, 9:00am - 12:00pm
Mānoa Campus, IfA Auditorium

"Red Supergiants as Luminous Beacons of Metallicity: The Infrared J-band Spectroscopic Technique."

Event Sponsor
Jonathan Gazak, Astronomy, Mānoa Campus

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(808) 956-8500

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Tuesday, July 22

9:00am Laniakea YWCA, 1040 Richards Street
9:00am Mānoa Campus, IfA Auditorium
1:30pm Mānoa Campus, various
4:15pm Mānoa Campus, Shidler College of Business G-103
4:15pm Mānoa Campus, Shidler College of Business, G-103
6:00pm Mānoa Campus, William S. Richardson School of Law, Classroom 2
7:30pm Mānoa Campus, Pacific Ocean Science and Technology (POST) 544