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ReaDch Program UHM

June 26, 2014 - June 24, 2014
Mānoa Campus, Bilger Hall 212

e ReaDch program here at UH Manoa- it is a grant-funded program that was done by the Department of Chemistry.

What it is, is a program where students can improve their reading and writing skills. Through this FREE one-hour session, participants will be able to follow along as the "Reader" reads out loud, and follow up the session with a 5 minute free-writing session.

Studies done at UH West Oahu have shown that 60% of incoming students are NOT proficient readers.. We know that UH Manoa will probably have a smaller percentage, but is probably not too far off from that 60%! What we also know is that students who are better readers, also become better writers = doing better in school and on those essays!

We are really passionate about this program, and it has been proven to work. It has been piloted at UH Lab School, and those results have shown that 100% of their graduating class from a couple years ago until now are proficient readers!


Event Sponsor
Chemistry, Mānoa Campus

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