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Detox Your Summer

June 25, 11:00am - 1:00pm
Manoa Campus, Campus Center Courtyard

Start your summer off healthy and refreshed. For thousands of years the health benefits of fruit have been known to hold antioxidant properties, vital nutrients for glowing skin and healthy hearts.

Pineapples are high in vitamin C and help to fight off colds, while strawberries are an anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer powerhouse. Don't be fooled by the rich red color and sweet taste!

Come start your summer off refreshed and revitalized by joining us at campus center to create your very own personalized mason fruit jar filled with hydrating water and fruit of your choice.

Ticket Information
Participants must have a UH Manoa valid student ID

Event Sponsor
Campus Center Activities Council, Manoa Campus

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Wednesday, June 25
11:00am Detox Your Summer
Manoa Campus, Campus Center Courtyard
11:00am Detox Your Summer
Manoa Campus, Campus Center Courtyard
1:00pm Exploring GIS Data and Making Simple Maps
Manoa Campus, MAGIS Lab, Govt. Documents and Maps, Hamilton Library Ground Floor
7:00pm Led Zeppelin
Windward Campus, Hokulani Imaginarium
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