Beyond Earth: Strategies for Long-Term Human Survival

March 6, 7:30pm - 9:00pm
Mānoa Campus, Art Building Auditorium (room 132)

Frontiers of Astronomy Community Event public lecture by UH Institute for Astronomy (IfA) astronomer Roberto Mendez will present plausible strategy for future human survival that does not depend on finding Earth-like planets around other stars.

Earth is not a safe place. Geological and paleontological evidence indicates that life on Earth has been punctuated by several mass extinctions caused by hazards both local (ice ages, volcanoes) and external (comet or asteroid hits). To optimize our chances of long-term survival (millions of years), we must colonize the solar system and then spread across the Galaxy.

Event Sponsor
Institute for Astronomy, Manoa Campus, Mānoa Campus

More Information
Dr. Roy Gal, (808) 956-6235,,

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Thursday, March 6

9:00am Mānoa Campus, Moore Hall 258
10:30am Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology
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7:00pm Mānoa Campus, Krauss Hall 12
7:30pm Mānoa Campus, Art Building Auditorium (room 132)