Botany Final Oral

November 6, 3:00pm - 5:00pm
Mānoa Campus, Biomed T-208

"Barriers to Invasion: Experimental Analysis of Mechanisms that Prevent Invasions in Hawaii."

Event Sponsor
Jennifer Bufford, Botany, Mānoa Campus

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Wednesday, November 6

7:30am Maui Campus, Pilina Bldg., Wellness Center
12:00pm Mānoa Campus, Burns Hall 2118, East-West Center
1:30pm Mānoa Campus, Moore Hall 258
1:30pm Maui Campus, The Learning Center
2:30pm Mānoa Campus, Spalding 253
3:00pm Mānoa Campus, Biomed T-208
3:00pm Mānoa Campus, MSB 114
3:30pm Mānoa Campus, Hamilton Library Room 301
3:30pm Mānoa Campus, Marine Sciences Building, MSB 100
6:00pm Mānoa Campus, Art Auditorium
6:00pm Mānoa Campus, Crawford 105
6:00pm Mānoa Campus, 3860 Manoa Rd.
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