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Mathematics Colloquium

September 13, 3:30pm - 4:30pm
Manoa Campus, Keller Hall, room 402

Title: Capturing stealthy swimmers and other adventures in fluid dynamics

Speaker: Daisuke Takagi, University of Hawai'i

Abstract: Fluid dynamics is a branch of applied mathematics concerned with fluids in motion. When a solid body propels itself through fluids the resultant motion is generally difficult to predict. Laboratory experiments reveal how microscopic particles can stealthily swim on surfaces, slide along walls, and slalom through obstacles. These observations are explained using a simple model that accounts for the fluid flow around each swimmer. I will discuss some broader implications of this work and possible directions for future research.

Event Sponsor
Mathematics, Manoa Campus

More Information
Sarah Post, 956-7171,,, Stealthy Swimmers (PDF)

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