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Issues in Minority Language Education: Recent Case Studies... Asia & the Pacific

July 31, 12:15pm - 1:30pm
Manoa Campus, John A. Burns Hall, Room 2118

Professor Fred Anderson will overview some of the major issues that emerge from his soon-to-be-published co-edited volume of case studies of education in indigenous and minority languages in the Asia and Pacific regions. Issues to be discussed include standardization, script development, and motivations for language maintenance and revitalization through education. The volume consists of representative case studies from East Asia (Japan, Taiwan, China), Southeast Asia (Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Timor Leste) and Australasia (Australia, New Zealand, Norfolk Island, Papua New Guinea). Audience feedback and questions will be welcomed.

Fred Anderson is a professor of English linguistics at Kansai University, Osaka, Japan. He is currently on sabbatical as a visiting scholar in the East-West Center Education Program and was formerly a graduate degree fellow at the Center from 1984-87 and 1992-93.

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East-West Center, Manoa Campus

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