Waves of Change: Climate Change Tok Stori Seminar

March 22, 2:00pm - 3:15pm
Mānoa Campus, Tokioka room, Moore 319

Waves of Change: Climate Change Tok Stori presents "Matauen Ese Pwipwi, Matauen Ese Nounou: Disrupted Oceans and Waves of Moving Island(er)s" with Margarita Cholymay, Joakim Peter, and LJ Rayphand

Margarita Cholymay, Joakim “JoJo” Peter, and LJ Rayphand are from Chuuk. In this panel discussion, they will share perspectives on the transformative and powerful changes occurring to the environment that impact perceptions of and perspectives on learning. Drawing from indigenous and island-centered vantage points and experiences, they will share stories of their academic journeys and discuss how these experiences have shaped and informed their understanding of and connection to an ever-expanding horizon of Chuukese worlds.

Dr Margarita Cholymay is a graduate of Curriculum Studies at UH–Mānoa.

Joakim Peter (CPIS MA, 1994) is a PhD fellow in Special Education at UH–Mānoa.

LJ Rayphand is a PhD Candidate in Educational Technology at UH–Mānoa.

This series of seminars and films is intended to prompt discussion of issues related to the topic of the Center for Pacific Islands Studies’ conference "Waves of Change: Climate Change in the Pacific Islands and Implications for Hawai‘i." The two-day conference, 4–6 April 2013, which will be held at the University of Hawaiʻi, Mānoa will explore environmental, social, cultural, political, and economic impacts of climate change in the Pacific Islands. The conference will focus specifically on climate change–related migration and the implications for Hawaiʻi and other places where climate change victims are likely to migrate.

Ticket Information
Free and open to the public

Event Sponsor
Center for Pacific Islands Studies, Mānoa Campus

More Information
Katherine Higgins, (808) 956-2658, khiggins@hawaii.edu

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