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Theatre and Dance Graduate Research Symposium Day One

February 25, 3:00pm - 5:30pm
Manoa Campus, Center for Korean Studies Auditorium

Masters' and doctoral students in Theatre and Dance will present conference papers in the first annual graduate research symposium for the Department of Theatre and Dance.

Kathryn Holt, “‘Order and Dynamism’: The Paradox of the Irish Dancing Body”; Matthew Kelty, “Noh, Ecocriticism, and the Theatre of Place”; Yining Lin, “Western Adaptations in Huaju and Xiqu”; Pablo Jimenez, “Transforming the Dance Researcher: Maud Robart and Haitian Yanvalou”

Event Sponsor
Theatre and Dance, Manoa Campus

More Information
Lurana O'Malley, 956-9609,

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Monday, February 25
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3:00pm Theatre and Dance Graduate Research Symposium Day One
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