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Basic Online Services for Retirees and Emeriti

Retirees and emeriti are supported with most of the same suite of online services as are Faculty. See for a list of these services.

Annual Emailed Notifications for Renewal

Retirees and emeriti are required to renew annually. The renewal confirms intent to continue using UH online services. This is for security reasons since, for retirees and emeriti, there is no other effective mechanism available to determine when a UH Username should be deactivated. Multiple reminders will be emailed. Each reminder will provide a link that may be clicked on (assuming Internet connectivity) to provide a simple renewal process. Should all email reminders be ignored, the UH Username will be deactivated and all files deleted, with the possible exception of the Personal Webpages for emeriti that have requested their preservation.

Preservation of Emeriti Personal Webpages

Emeriti may request for preservation of their personal webpages. Some emeriti have published in their personal webpages academic content and original research material and wish to ensure that this material remain accessible to the broader research community for as long as possible. By default, personal webpages are deleted should an emeritus not respond to the emailed notification for annual renewal.

An emeritus may, at any time, request preservation of personal webpages by sending from their UH Email account a request to the ITS Help Desk at Please use the subject line "Emeritus request for preservation of personal webpages" and in the body of the email a brief explanation of the content of the personal webpages. The explanation is for informational purposes only and not to judge the validity of the request.

Please be aware that there are several caveats to consider: 1) the emeritus' department may request the deletion of the personal webpages at some future time, 2) preservation is not assurance of longevity or accessibility. While there is every intent to make this service useful and meaningful, it should not be assumed that the preservation request establishes a permanent archive.


Basic Online Services for Students, Faculty, and Staff:
Saving Email and Personal Webpages (Mac OS X):
Saving Email and Personal Webpages (Windows):

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