Virtual Server: Accessing the Cherwell Virtual Server (VS) Intake Form

The Cherwell Virtual Server (VS) Intake Form can be found here:

February 2021: To access the form, you will need to be connected to the enterprise VPN. When the request form goes live to the public, it will be accessible to all with a UH login.

1.  To request a virtual server, click on "Virtual Server (VS)" in the menu bar.

2.  You will be prompted to log in.  If the UH login screen does not automatically load, click on "Use SAML Login".

3.  Log in with your UH username and password.

4.  The VS request form should load upon logging in.  If you do not see it, click on "Virtual Server (VS)" again in the menu bar.


Frequently asked questions:


Why can't I submit my form?

Please make sure you've thoroughly filled out all required fields.  You must view and acknowledge the Service Level Agreement (SLA) and Memorandum of Agreement (MOA), then check the boxes next to the respective links.


Where do I go for a Data Center Colocation request?

Please see ITS Data Center Services Co-Location Request for instructions.


How do I type my answers the questionnaire section of the form?

Each question has a corresponding box directly below it with "Answer:" written inside.  Please type your answers in those spaces.


What is the difference between "requestor", "billing contact", and "technical contact"?

The requestor is the information of the person filling out the form, and must be full-time UH faculty or staff member.

The billing contact is the individual who will be contacted each fiscal year with regard to funding the virtual server.

The technical contact is the individual responsible for the management and upkeep of the virtual server.  This person should also be a full-time UH faculty or staff member.


Who do I contact with questions about billing?

Please contact our billing team at


Something is wrong with the page, or I'd like to suggest an improvement. What can I do?

Please email our team at with any questions or suggestions regarding this request form.


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