FAQ on first.last email aliases

What is a first.last email alias?
How do I request a first.last email alias?
May I pick any name for my first.last email alias?
What will happen to my first.last email alias when I leave UH?  

What is a first.last email alias?

It is a professional representation of your email address that uses your first name and last name. For example, John Doe's current email address is jdoe@hawaii.edu. With first.last, John's email alias could be john.doe@hawaii.edu. It is also a more definitive way of identifying yourself to another colleague where they might know your first and last name, but not your eight character email name. This is an optional service being offered to faculty and staff.

How do I request a first.last email alias?

Staff or Faculty may request a first.last by logging in at http://www.hawaii.edu/username with your UH Username and password. After logging in, click on the "first.last Email Alias" link and follow the instructions there.

May I pick any name for my first.last email alias?

You may have only one first.last email alias active at any one time. The first.last email alias should be closely related to your full legal name. The following are guidelines for selecting your first.last email alias:

  • first.last
  • first.last.generation
  • first.m.last
  • first.m.last.generation
  • first.middle.last
  • first.middle.last.generation
  • middle.last
  • middle.last.generation

Your first.last email alias may only use alphabets (a-z), dash and/or period. The first.last email alias is not case-sensitive so Jane.Doe@hawaii.edu is the same as jane.doe@hawaii.edu. The last part of your selected first.last email alias must have your legal (family) name so if your last name is Doe, Doe must be part of your first.last email alias. Offensive language will not be allowed in your first.last email alias even if it spells out your legal name. Alternative first.last email alias combinations should be considered.

Exception - Legal Name Changes

If you have a legal name change, you have the option to switch from the first.last email alias that was based on your previous legal name, and activate a new first.last email alias based on your new legal name. For example, Jane Doe has Jane.Doe@hawaii.edu but she has changed her legal name to Jane Smith. She can choose to activate Jane.Smith@hawaii.edu (if it is available) and she would transition from her Jane.Doe@hawaii.edu.

What will happen to my first.last email alias when I leave UH?

When you leave UH, your first.last email alias will be removed at the end of your grace period, unless you enroll in 'Ohana online services. Your first.last email alias will be made available for reassignment if you do not renew your annual enrollment to 'Ohana online services.

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