I sent an email to our LISTSERV list, but I haven't received anything. Is the list working?

Your list could be configured such that a sender will not receive a copy of their own email or an acknowledgement email. To change this, you will need to:
a. change the settings for any current subscribers.
b. change the default-options so all new subscribers inherit the new setting.

You will be able to select whether or not a sender receives:
a. ACK   An acknowledgment of their email, in which the sender receives an email from the LISTSERV that their message was sent to X number of recipients.
b. REPRO   A copy of their own email. (REPRO will not work for Google users, messages to lists can be found in the Sent folder) 
c. Both an acknowledgment and a copy of their email. (only ACK will work for Google)

To enable ACK or REPRO for current subscribers:

  1. Login to LISTSERV.
  2. From the menu select "List Management", then "List Reports", and finally "Subscriber Reports".
  3. On the Subscriber Reports page, check both "Ack" and "Repro" under Report Columns and click on the "Submit" button.
  4. Use the check boxes on the left to individually select subscribers and the drop down box on the bottom of the column for either "Ack" or "Repro", then click on "Submit". To quickly set options for all subscribers, do not select any of the check boxes for an individual, select the option "Check All" as shown below.

To change the default-options such that all new subscribers have ACK or REPRO enabled:

  1. From the menu select "List Management", then "List Configuration", and finally "Alphabetic Keyword List". 
  2. On the List Configuration page, first select the list that you are modifying, then scroll down and click on "Default-Options".  Note: If you only own one list, it will be selected by default. 
  3. Add the keyword  ACK or REPRO in the field, then click on "Submit". If there are already other default-options in the field, simply add a comma to the end, then add the keyword ACK or REPRO.


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