Recruitment, Selection, And Appointments

A9.480 Recruitment, Selection, And Appointments

Procedure for Board of Regents Personnel
APM Number Description Issue Date
A9.480 Casual Appointments March 1992
A9.485 Filling of Vacant Position July 1982
A9.490 Orientation for New Employees July 1982
A9.520 Tuberculosis Clearance February 2011
A9.540 Recruitment and Selection of Faculty and APT Personnel May 2002
A9.550 Appointment of Graduate Assistants June 2001
A9.560 Appointment of Lecturers and Cooperating Teachers/Counselors July 1982
A9.570 Appointment Procedure for Board of Regents Personnel July 1982
A9.580 Employment of Employees' Retirement System (ERS) Retirants January 2011
A9.590 Instructions for the Processing of the Notification of Personnel Action, Standard Form (SF-5B) February 1992
A9.600 Joint Appointments between the University of Hawai‘i and the East-West Center July 1982
A9.610 Immigration Classifications for Employment of Foreign Nationals June 2009
A9.620 Recruitment and Reassigment of Executive and Managerial Personnel July 2000
A9.640 Work Schedule Disclosure Form July 1982
A9.650 Exchange of Faculty with Other Institutions August 1986
A9.660 Civil Service Type Positions for Federally Funded Projects July 1982
A9.670 Employment of Personnel During Vacations July 1982
A9.680 Form I-9, Employment Eligibility Verification March 2010
A9.685 E-Verify Program May 2010

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