Business and Finance

A8.600 Accounting

APM Number Description Issue Date
A8.601 Accounting-General December 2001
A8.602 Accounting-General Ledger October 2001
A8.611 Account Code December 2001
A8.612 Establishment and Maintenance of Account Codes December 2001
A8.613 Transaction Type Codes October 2001
A8.615 Object Codes January 2014
A8.616 Fund Subdesignation Codes (Deleted January 2002)  
A8.617 Revenue and Expenditure Functional Codes December 2001
A8.618 Activity Code (Deleted January 2002)  
A8.619 Fund Groups October 2001
A8.620 Gifts September 1998
A8.621 Delinquent Financial Obligation Hearings December 2003
A8.622 University Endowments   Attachment A     Attachment B   Attachment C September 22, 2005
A8.635 Installment Contracts-Recording of Assets and Liabilities May 1997
A8.636 Supply Inventory January 2002
A8.641 Journal Vouchers October 2001
A8.650 Continuation Accounts May 2014
A8.651 Accounts Receivable April 2002
A8.661 Funds Control  
A8.671 Year-End Accounting Data June 2002
A8.674 Employer's Share of Fringe Benefit Adjustment Sheet (SAFD-71) (Deleted January 2002)  
A8.681 Cancellation of University of Hawaii General Account Check July 2001
A8.682 Replacement Checks July 2001
A8.683 Stale-Dated University of Hawaii General Account Check July 2001
A8.684 Forgery of a University of Hawaii General Account Check July 2001


Attach No. Description Issue Date
615.1 Object Code Maintenance Form January 2014

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