A sample of persons that have already transitioned or were or had considered transitioning either from male to female (M2F) or female to male (F2M) were solicited by announcements on various Internet web sites. The announcement indicated we were trying to determine some of the features that dispose or inhibit persons from transitioning. Respondents were presented with a survey questionnaire of both closed and open-ended questions. Among many matters the survey probed standard demographic and physical factors, how the individual identified in gender and orientation, and the ages at which a commitment was made to transition and if and when it actually occurred. The data presented are from the first 300 usable surveys received.

The responding population consisted of those identifying themselves as M2F and F2M transsexuals in either pre-op, post-op, or non-op categories or as transgendered persons of varying degree.

Data will be presented giving the most common reasons offered for transitioning or for not transitioning. Also presented will be findings regarding ability to “pass,” sexual orientation, and relationship to intersexuality.


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