This talk will discuss four areas of sexuality that have been and continue to be socially dealt with very little evidence supporting such management. These areas can go under the headings of: John/Joan & Intersex management (who decides in which gender a child should be raised?); Transsexual treatment (why are individuals hindered in pursuing life in a gender in which they were not raised?); Pornography regulation (what sex or erotic materials are appropriate or inappropriate for consumption?); Abstinence-only-until-marriage education (how should children and adolescents be schooled about sex?). While these topics pertain particularly to conditions in the United States there are worldwide parallel situations.

Typically justification for regulation in these areas is based on little more that anecdotal evidence or the perceived social good. There are many indications, however, that the present regulatory methods are harmful and probably unethical in restricting individual rights. Nevertheless, it might be said that in each instance many, if not the majority in society, want the present way of dealing with these issues to continue.

The presentation will offer evidence that significantly altering the present ways of dealing with these four issues can be more ethical and probably more successful in achieving the social goals toward which the present management conditions aim.


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