Please explain anal sex. What satisfaction could a woman possibly get from this?

Anal sex might be defined broadly as any oral, penile, or manual manipulation of the anal region for erotic purposes.

A woman might receive satisfaction from anal sexual contacts for various reasons. At the onset it should be recalled that from a purely neuronal level of consideration the central connections from the anus to the sacrum are similar to those referring erotic stimulation brought from the vagina; the erotic reflexes thereby engendered by anal and vaginal stimulation are quite comparable.

From a psychological viewpoint there is no doubt women can find other than vaginal penetration stimulating with the most common alternative involving oral-genital contact. Anal penetration, however, as other coital positions, has its own advantages. First, it allows the male free manual access to the female’s clitoral and vaginal regions so she can get additional stimulation. Second, some women receive satisfaction from having a man penetrate a portion of her anatomy which for her may be individualistically sensitive and erotic. Third, a feature of novelty in sexual outlet is arousing to many people. In addition, in many older or multiparous women whose vaginas have been stretched due to childbirth or other reasons, the lack of vaginal tone and sensitivity is often compensated for by anal entry.

Further, there is the advantage that many women look at anal intercourse as a method of sure contraception. It gives them the satisfaction of knowing that pregnancy or conception will not occur.

In summation, there are many reasons why many women once having overcome the initial cultural hesitancy involved with anal sex begin to appreciate and utilize it in addition to their other methods of sexual outlet. While for most people it remains a relatively infrequent mode of sexual expression, for some it may be a preferred method.


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