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Visitors to the Vivarium
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Investigators who would like to bring visitors into the vivarium MUST give a minimum of 24 hours advance notification for approval. The form below is submitted to AVS , providing the name of the Investigator, the names of the visitors, the date(s) they will be coming, and the name of their escort and the purpose of their visit. AVS will provide an outline of entry procedures and hazard communication to the escort to be shared with the visitor. A list of cleared visitors will be provided to the security desk so that they may be made aware that the visitors are coming. The guest must be signed in at security with the name of the escort listed as well, regardless of whether or not the guest has a JABSOM building access card. If the visitor is being escorted by AVS, prior notification is not required, however, the guest must still be signed in.

Contractors that require access to the vivarium must also be cleared by AVS and must schedule a brief orientation with the vivarium management staff (See Kaka’ako Contractor and Guest Orientation).

Please fill out and submit the following form to request visitor access to the Vivarium.

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Visitor Information

Please review the form for completeness before submitting.