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Animal Transfers

Transfers Between UH Protocols
Transfers Within the State of Hawai'i
Transfers Between Institutions Out of State
Policy on Movement of Animals in Public Places

Transfers Between UH Protocols

Transferring animals between UH protocols requires that both principal investigators have an active approved animal IACUC protocol appropriate for the animal transfer. Please visit the IACUC website to view the IACUC protocol requirements.

The AVS Temporary Cage Card must be filled out to complete a transfer of animals between protocols. Both the "From" and "To" protocols must be listed. This will replace the "Internal Animal Transfer Between Protocols" form effective 10-3-08. The "To" protocol must have enough animals allowed on their balance to accept the transfer. Both carbon copies of the Temporary Cage Card are left on the animal cage for LAS to retrieve and replace with a permanant Granite card reflecting the new protocol. Animals may not be used under the receiving protocol until the card has been collected, the transfer is approved and the new card is restored.