Laboratory Animal Service

Requests for Special Services Involving Husbandry and Health Care

Please contact LAS to establish a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) prior to initiation of services.

Non-UH affiliated research, training, and other activities using the services of the UH IACUC will be assessed a revised service fee for the review of vertebrate animal care and use protocols effective February 15, 2007. The service fee will be $2,000 for all new and full-renewal protocol reviews, which will include all subsequent annual follow-ups and revisions associated with the protocol.

Services provided by the UH Veterinarian Office above and beyond tasks covered by the LAS Per Diem will be assessed a special fee. Veterinary services for non-UH affiliated vertebrate animal activities will be assessed a fee of $100 per hour, calculated to the closest quarter hour. Technician time will be $50 per hour, calculated to the closest quarter hour. There will be an additional charge for supplies and diagnostic services provided.

Facilities/sites which house or use animal involved in non-UH affiliated vertebrate animal activities, and which fall under the jurisdiction of the UH IACUC will be assessed a fee of $200 per hour to cover all personnel expenses associated with the semi-annual inspections and program review, and will include travel time. On Oahu a ground transportation fee of $100 will be assessed. Off island location, such as those on the outer islands will be assessed airfare, ground transportation and Per Diem/meals and incidental expenses, in addition to the personnel fee of $200 per hour.

Please see the Memorandum to Persons Responsible for Non-UH Affiliated Vertebrate Animal Activies Using the Services of the UH Animal Care and Use Program.