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Principal Investigators Requesting University Veterinarians to Provide Animal Care for IACUC Protocol Activities and Policy 15 Requirements

If you are requesting the University Veterinarians to be provide animal care for your protocol:

  1. Fill out and submit the following (form).
  2. Principal Investigators (PIs) are required by IACUC Policy 15 to consult with the University Veterinarian on full protocol reviews in an assessment of the approved study because there may be new or changes to the experimental methods and procedures.
  3. Confirmation of consultation with an LAS Veterinarians is required to be documented in Section XII. Veterinary Care on the IACUC Vertebrate Animal Use Protocol Form. A confirmation email will be sent once the veterinary staff has had an opportunity to review the submission and agrees to provide care.

The same applies to PIs requesting University Veterinarians to provide support for IACUC protocols, which do not involve biomedical sciences, neurosciences, and biotechnology-related activities. When the veterinary staff agrees to provide veterinary services for your protocol you will receive a confirmation email from them.

You agree to abide by all applicable Federal, State, and LAS policies and procedures for animal care and use.

If you are housing animals outside an LAS operated facility or areas within an LAS facility with Restricted Access (ABSL3, Behavioral Running Rooms) you agree to the following:
As the PI on protocol, you are required and have agreed to maintain adequate daily husbandry, wholesome feed, potable drinking water, daily health observations of animals under your monitoring, provide a reasonable mechanism for entry into your facilities, so that animal emergencies or concerns can be dealt with expeditiously, report any significant changes within the environment, disease-status or physiological state of the animals that impact the health and welfare at facilities under your monitoring. You will also only perform the medical and health procedures that are approved on your protocol in support of your research. You and your staff are required and have agreed to contact the University Veterinarian, Dr Sylvia Kondo, or Staff Veterinarian, Dr Michael Wong, when significant animal health or facility issues arise within 24-48 hours of the adverse event.
Failure to comply with these requirements may result in LAS veterinarians not providing support for your IACUC protocol activity.

The preceding will fulfill both the IACUC Policy 15 and the Policy for Veterinary Care Requirements for the System-wide UH Animal Care and Use Program

Sylvia Kondo, DVM 808-956-6428, 808-286-5468,
Michael Wong, DVM 808-956-6428, 808-294-9943

Protocol Information

Please review the form for completeness before submitting.