Faculty Projects and Publications

Florence I. M. Thomas

Associate Researcher
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Research Interests

Publications (2000 to Present)

Adhitya, A., F.I.M. Thomas, and B. B. Ward. 2007, Diversity of nitrate reductase genes from planktonic and epiphytic environments in seagrass communities. Microbial Ecology (In Press)

Kim T, Wang C.W., Thomas F.I.M., and A.M. Sastry. 2006, Fluid-structure interaction analysis of flow-induced deformation in a two- phase, Neo-Hookean marine egg. Journal of Engineering Materials and Technology- Transactions of the ASME, 128: 519-526.

Cornelisen, C.D. and F.I.M. Thomas. 2006, Nutrient uptake in seagrass canopies: response to a changing hydrodynamic regime at the community and organism level. Marine Ecology Progress Series, 312: 1-13.

Van Duyl, F.C., S.R. Sheffers, M.D. Driscoll, and F.I.M. Thomas. 2006, The effect of water exchange on bacterioplankton depletion and inorganic nutrient fluxes in coral reef cavities. Coral Reefs, 25: 23-36.

Cornelisen, C.D. and F.I.M Thomas. 2004, Ammonium and nitrate uptake by leaves of the seagrass Thalassia testudinum: effects of hydrodynamic regime and epiphyte cover on uptake rates. Journal of Marine Systems, 49: 177-194.

Thomas, F.I.M and C.D. Cornelisen. 2003, Ammonium uptake by seagrass communities: effects of oscillatory versus unidirectional flow. Marine Ecology Progress Series, 247: 51-57.

Woodin, S.A. Mertz, R.A. Thomas, F.I.M., Edwards D.R. and I.L. Garcia. 2003, Chaeta and mechanical function: tools no metazoan should be without. Hydrobiologia, 456: 253-258.

Cornelisen, C.D. and F.I.M. Thomas. 2002, Flow dependent ammonium uptake by seagrass epiphytes: use of a stable isotope tracer. Limnology and Oceanography, 47: 1223-1229.

Bolton, T.F. and F.I.M. Thomas. 2002, Physical forces experienced by echinoid eggs in the oviduct during spawning: comparison of the geminate pair Echinometra vanbrunti and Echinometra lucunter. Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology, 267: 123-137.

Parmigiani, J.P., A.M. Sastry, and F.I.M. Thomas. 2001, Fibrous reinforcement in marine invertebrates: Mechanical response of biological porous materials. The Proceedings of the American Society for Compositesí 16th Annual Technical Conference, Roanoke VA.

Thomas, F.I.M., T.F. Bolton, and A.M. Sastry. 2001, Echinoderm egg extracellular layers: role in the mitigation of forces experienced by eggs during spawning. Journal of Experimental Biology, 204: 815-821.

Thomas, F.I.M., C.D. Cornelisen, and J. Zande. 2000, Effects of water velocity and canopy morphology on ammonium uptake by seagrass communities. Ecology, 81: 2704-2713.

Bolton, T. F., F.I.M Thomas and C.N. Leonard. 2000, Maternal energy investment in eggs and jelly coats surrounding eggs of the echinoid Arbacia punctulata. Biological Bulletin, 199: 1-5.


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