Judith D. Lemus

Academic Program Specialist
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Professional Interests


Lemus, J., C. Bishop, and H. Walters (2010). QuikSCience: Effective Linkage of Competitive, Cooperative, and Service Learning in Science Education. American Secondary Education 38(3): 40-61.

Kittinger, J.N., D.J. Skillings, K.K. Carvalho, L.L.N. Reeve, M. Hutchinson, J. O’Malley, K. Cullison, J. Shackeroff, M. Chow, and J. Lemus (2009). Reconciling Ecosystem-Based Management and Focal Resource Conservation in the Papahānaumokuākea Marine National Monument.  Marine Sanctuaries Conservation Series ONMS-09-04. U.S. Department of Commerce, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Office of National Marine Sanctuaries, Silver Spring, MD. 

Lemus, J. and L. Murray (2007).  Leveraging COSEE: Going Above and Beyond.  Current: J. Marine Education Spring: . Invited author.

Lemus, J. (2007).  Ocean Literacy.  Tidelines (Cabrillo Marine Aquarium).  Invited author.

Grifman, P. and J.D. Lemus (2005), eds.  Public Report on the Biological Baseline Studies at the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach. University of Southern California Sea Grant Program #USCSG-TR-01-05.

Lemus, J.D. and C. Cudaback, Eds. (2003). Executive Summary, Review Panel Report:
Huntington Beach Phase III Final Draft Report. University of Southern California Sea Grant Program #USCSG-TR-02-2003.

Lemus, J.D. and J. Pederson (2001).  The Relationship Between Sea Grant Extension and Research.  In: The Fundamentals of Sea Grant Extension (invited author).  National Sea Grant College Program.

Lemus, J.D. and S. Weisberg (2000).  Huntington Beach Closure Investigation: Technical Review.  University of Southern California Sea Grant Program #USCSG-TR-01-2000.

Doino Lemus, J. and M. McFall-Ngai (2000).  Alterations in the proteome of the Euprymna scolopes light organ in response to symbiotic Vibrio fischeri. Applied and Environmental Microbiology 66: 4091-4097.

Visick, K.L., J. Foster, J. Doino, M. McFall-Ngai and E.G. Ruby (2000).  Vibrio fischeri lux genes play an important role in colonization and development of the host light organ.  J. Bacteriol. 182: 4578-4586.

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Muscatine, L., D. Grossman and J. Doino (1991).  Release of symbiotic algae by tropical sea anemones and corals after cold shock.  Marine Ecology Progress Series 77: 233-243.

Selected Grants and Projects


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