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Histotechniques and Histology of the Anthozoa

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Draft Syllabus

The following topics will be addressed during this course. Field and laboratory sessions will provide hands-on experience in all aspects of histology.


Leong Welcome to HIMB
Aeby, Price, Peters Introduction to the course
Aeby • Hawaiian marine habitats and anthozoans
• Qualitative field methods
• Quantitative field methods
Price • Fixation of anthozoan tissues
• Post-fixation (enrobing, decalcification, washing, trimming)
• Processing and embedding tissues
• Microtomy
• Staining
Peters • Basic anatomy and histology of the anthozoa
• Comparative histology of anthozoans
• Introduction to histopathology
• Diseases of anthozoans (especially corals)
Work Histopathology of Pacific anthozoans (especially corals)
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on this course, contact:
Dr. Greta Aeby


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